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Re: new-be questions

Thanks Michael
I want to play live, I have a mixer, a bass, a guitar, a keyboard, a Jamman and some miscellaneous percussion and audio tools. I find the Jamman is great for its memory but it isnít working by its self.  I build up this great full sound but then I want to change to lets say the chorus, thatís when the music stops. since I have to stop the loop or fade it out and then start the process again with a single instrument, I find this really puts a dent in my momentum.  Enter Idea about another Looper, one that could build a stack of four phrases and use that as a foundation for the whole song adding to that stack of (four) and then taking it all away at once then adding something new etc I want something that can keep up with the human imagination but in real time. I want to stack alot of phrases in some songs and in others 3 to 4.  I don't really have a realistic idea of how long my loops are but it would be nice to have to room if needed.
and that is why I was thinking about the Boss RC-50 with three phrase pedals but it has all those extras that just seem like filler like the drum machine for example.  I want the audience to see and hear me build the songs not just press a button and play to the already stacked loop.
and then the Echoplex seems very versatile and smart but has 198seconds of loop time which seems very small?
that is my lengthy where I am at as a new looper
Jason, Welcome aboard!
Before folks can give you a good idea of what to use/do please share what you're doing and how you're doing it now.  Are you playing live or primarily in the studio?  What do you want to do? How long loops? How layered? etc.
Thanks and enjoy your new world!
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I am new to the site and new to looping but I really love it. is there any one of you or a bunch of you veterans that would like to take me under your wing and help me answer some of these questions or direct me in the right direction cause it would be greatly appreciated:
How popular is looping how many performers use a looping pedal?
And what is the best looping pedal? I am sure there are many different preferences but if you would take the time to tell me your favorite looping pedal/device and why it is your favorite I would greatly appreciate it.  I know that each pedal is listed in "tools of the trade" and most of them have comments.  But if any one would like to help me out that would be great.  Especially between a Boss RC-50 and a Gibson Echoplex. I want to use the best tool suitable for me
thanks alot jason