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Re: Re: still on the interface quest...

Krispen said:
> > I am one click short of buying this E-MU 1616 cardbus. Anything  
> > that anyone can think of to prevent me from doing this? It's the  
> > only decent cardbus I could find, in the $400 price range. It also  
> > had MIDI, which is great, because I thought it didn't.  It' packed  
> > full of some great features.

To which Per replied:
> good quality pre amps on the analog inputs. And I'm not sure PCMCIA  
> is the most future proof system, but you should be in a situation  

See my recent post to this regard...I have hestitations about that, either.

> two days before leaving for an eight days tour) and I went for the  
> RME FireFace 400 because I need high quality pre amps when playing  
> wind instruments acoustically. 

I'm somewhat curious, Per: I remember you using the RME Multiface, so you 
obviously did already have some external pres. So why didn't you stay with 

There is one feature of the FireFace400 which I've yet to see from another 
interface, and that is the possibility to control its internal mixer via 
MIDI even if there is no computer connection. So in the event of a 
computer breakdown (anyone still remembers the gig at Anno Domini?), with 
a quick button push on your fader box you could switch to a different 
preset, thus muting computer output and bring in e.g. a spare EDP (or DD20 
or DL4 or Repeater) you have connected to the thing.

Krispen, I had also been looking at the Marian UCON CX, which is the only 
half-rack interface (I know of) which boasts four micpres, plus ADAT I/O. 
And it's an USB2 interface, so you could use it with your current computer.

Finally, about the E-Mu 1616 (which I had been toying with as well, as you 
might remember): There is the "M" variant which costs roughly 100 bucks 
more and for that gives you a SNR increase of roughly 6dB.