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Re: Laptop help

Thank you, everyone. The reason I worried about latency was that my poor, tired Mac g4 iBook cannot record in Live without a lot of latency, or else I get nasty distortion and digital artifacts. Same thing with any recording software I have. But I downloaded Sooperlooper and hooked it up and, wow, I can play right in time with it. (There's just the slightest bit of delay which I can only hear when I double (by playing along with) a looping part. That's completely acceptable.) I don't know if that's because I'm using Jack with it or that the looper is so much less demanding than Live, Tracktion, and Garage Band.

I already have a Firewire audio interface, so I just need to find a computer to talk to it. Thank you so much.


On 6/18/07, Goddard, Duncan <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com> wrote:
>>So, supposing I wanted to move my looping to the computer. As a practical question (and assuming I am starting from nothing), and trying to keep costs down, what do I need? <<
lighter fluid & a baseball bat, I would surmise from recent posts..... :-) 
I enjoyed that laptop multi-thread, especially the way it brought out the proprietorial nature of some of us hendrix worshippers:
"you don't know hendrix like I know hendrix!".
e.g:- you know "good & well" that he would've probably turned roger mayer into a code-writer, would probably have had the first total-recall desk in NYC & have been running a website by 1989 if he'd survived, & that he /still/ wouldn't have stood or sat (fripp-like) behind a laptop on stage.
perhaps, like the edge, he would eventually have hidden half his art beneath the stage & made it look like voodoo. we shall never know.