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GIG SPAM: cellos at the Great American this saturday

Hello Loopers,

OK, I'm playing at the Great American Music Hall this Saturday, June  
23rd. I'm headlining the show (eek!). I've got my new French cello,  
the new Repeater 2.01 software, Ableton Live and SooperLooper.

Also, playing before me is an incredible band, with looped cello and  
vocals called Loop!Station (3 guesses what kind of pedals they use).  
Sam, the Loop!Station cellist is really amazing and the singer Robin  
Coomer has some powerful pipes.

Me and my cello profoundly thank you,


Here's the scoop:
The Mondo Cello Fest -

Zoe Keating
Polly Panic

Saturday, June 23rd
Great American Music Hall.