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field recording

Couple of more cheap mic tricks-you can make parabolic reflectors from all 
sorts of bowls . I got another trick from this strange investigator/agent 
type character( for Dave Trenkel-he was hanging in Henry's house in Eugene 
in'88 before H went in the military ,a spooky scene,) I never found out 
he was working for -the household included both anarchist punkers and 
rascist skinheads a couple of the latter ended up in prison. The guy had 
made about 12 - 20 paper cones varying lengths up to  1' long and 1-2" dia 
large end.  These were attached to a disk or bowl with the mic in the 
center. Sitting indoors he could scan with this rig and pick up,and 
individual conversations up and down the block.It was quite amazing .

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