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Glastonbury soon

Any loopers LUCKY enough to be going to the amazing Glastonbury  
Festival in the UK this year?  (going strong now yearly for *37* years!)
I have always wanted to, but since I am stuck in the USA, and with  
too small an income to afford such a journey, etc, I won't be able to.

But ,WHOA Nellie!  What a HUGE number of bands and performers!   (and  
MORE)  Something for just about anyone.

Likely some loopage action will be there as well, in at least some  
form or fashion.
If any loopers on this list are going, hopefully they can later  
present us with links to some images from their own personal  
experience perspectives?

(Pretty please, with organic cane syrup sugar on it? Thanx! )

-Rev. Fever