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Re: Self Promoting

Miles wrote this about seeing Zoe Keating play on Sacramento television:

"I really.  REALLY, like the tv spot, amazing stuff! i'm totally
inspired to do this with my tuba now.  Amazing!"

Man,  this is why I love this community.   There's something so cool about 
doing something beautiful or innovative and it turns another person on to 
a similar thing and it all just keeps growing.

This is why I tell a lot of people that the Y2k Loopfests are almost as 
as they are festivals..............it's great to put it out in front of 
people but the most exciting
thing to me is that all the loopers get turned on watching each other play 
and they rush home
to be innovative themselves or to apply the innovation they've seen to 
own music.
It also inspires the people who design the instruments (or who are 
to writer their own
scripts in Mobius or Max/MSP or who are contributing to the R&D at 
to add new features to their loopers.

In some respects it could be argued that our community has had more impact 
on the rapid
growth of the technology than any musical movement in history.     This is 
one of the things that
I highly tauted in a recent long interview with a journalist from DRUM! 
Magazine for a future article on Looping
and Percussion just because I'm so proud to be a part of this community.

Loopers Delight rocks  (even if I'm a bit sick of the current laptop 
hardware wars debate)!!!

rick walker