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Re: New User: MIDI software looper in Receptor???

At 5:17 PM -0400 6/15/07, Tony K wrote:
>Receptor runs Linux.
>Check <http://www.kvraudio.com>www.kvraudio.com

Yeah, but doesn't it have some sort of "unsupported" mode, where you 
can just load a PC VST and you've got about a coinflip's chance that 
it'll run okay?

Couldn't really find good information for this on the Muse Research 
page.  Looks like they're more interested in selling the darn thing 
(or linking to Plugzilla, which markets Receptorized plug-ins) than 
showing meaningful information on how well it works.  Heck, I 
couldn't even find hard CPU specs on the current models, at least not 
without a lot of digging I wasn't in the mood for.  :P

I'm still kinda curious how well you could build a setup around one 
of these, in lieu of the "traditional" laptop and interface setup.  I 
see they support a lot of the standard soft-synths, but what about 
stuff that's a bit further out, like Reaktor?  And are there any 
decent Looping plugs that the Receptor supports?


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