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Re: looping (w/ laptop ;-) ) on TV

Zoe Keating wrote:
my looping segment on CBS13 is online for your viewing pleasure.
given that the show was infotainment fluff, i chose to do a really accessible and simple piece that shows how it is done.
sound is ok, not great.
Nice job at promoting less-than-mainstream music to the pop-pap-consuming hoards!

Zoe, you're a case in point regarding performance gestures.  Everyone understands that you're playing the cello, even when you employ non-standard techniques like playing it percussively.  The foot tapping and knob twiddling is quite minimal and subtle by comparison.  The technology is in the background from the audience's perspective.  Nobody can be confused, thinking that you're doing your taxes, watching paint dry, or watching a webcam of grass growing.  The laptoppers could learn a thing or three from you.

You see folks, this is how it's done!



Zoe--  Ever get to the east coast?  Try to get booked at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, PA.  Tell Mike Space I sent ya!