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Re: Case against laptops

If there was ever anyone fascinated and interested in learning and pushing
the technonlogy of his time it was Hendrix. The tool wasn't the goal, it
was the means to the end but he sure as hell knew how to use the tool to
get what he wanted. Hell, what was Electric Ladyland if not his personal
geek heaven?

I won't speculate on if/how Hendrix, Mozart, or Andy Gibb would use a
laptop but I certainly don't think saying they would or wouldn't has
anything to do with a "Case" for or against them.

Now, if you want to play the computer geek vs creative *musical* artist
game I've got a few diverse heavy laptop users for for you:


Peter Gabriel

In the uber pop world (but still creative):

(love him or hate him) Trent Reznor

Oh yeah I used to know the guy that supplied The Edge with his laptops and
as I recall he was never without back in the 1990s :)

> In a message dated 6/14/2007 4:55:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
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> Can you  imagine Hendrix reading the manual to learn the laptop?
> Case closed  again :-)
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