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EDP beat sync problems

I am without midi anything and am trying for the first time to use
beat sync the EDP and it is not registering the pulse I am sending it.
Yes, the sync is set to IN. The pulse is actually the pulse I sent
from the EDP to protools from the beat sync when it was sent OUT. Now
I want to use that recorded pulse back to the EDP so I can sync and
record new loops. My first guess is to amplify the pulse out with a
regular pa/amp - I'm thinking it's currently line-level - but I don't
want to fry it, so I thought maybe someone here could help. I'm
concerned because I did buy this refurbished, so I don't know if I'm
doing something incorrectly or what.

Some other results of trouble-shooting that may be of help: The cable
works fine. I'm pretty sure that I have the settings correct in both
the EDP and in protools. Also, when I take the plug in and out of the
beat sync, it seems to read the electronic connections that the plug
is making as I insert it, so I don't think it's the beat sync jack
itself, or even really the EDP, since it registers that. So that's why
my best guess is that the pulse I'm sending it just isn't loud enough,
but, again, I'm affraid to blow something by amplifying it, so that's
why I'm asking the experts here before I try that - is it possible to
fry it by playing a pulse with too much power?

Alternately, really what I'm trying to do is to record synced loops
not live on independent tracks that I can manipulate later in
protools...should I bite the bullet and try to learn something like
Mobius instead for this project? I'm a bit computer-phobic when it
comes to music, but it does seem like I am being pretty backwards in
this context by avoiding acquiring and learning a new program since I
have to do so many extra things that I'm sure would be automatic on