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Re: I now "get" the RC-50.

No to fan the flames, but IMHO, the Boomerangs sound quality is very poor compared to the RC-50 so, to me, the Boomerang doesn't even get on the short list (and I wanted to like it-believe me I did).

BreachinThePeace@aol.com wrote:
Dear Jeff-
I don't believe Mr. Killian was attempting to tell you what to say, only offering a different opinion.
Just so people searching the web for looping tool ideas don't get the wrong idea about the RC-50 from an obviously hot headed and out of control person...
The RC-50 is a totally different animal from the Boomerang,(<---BS Alert) which is a great looper for sure.<----(opinion alert, but don't dare speak your convictions or you too could be the next "hot headed and out of control person termed a "dick")
I don't know if you actually tried one in real life but... (yep, I own one, a repeater, a boomerang, etc)
for me... it's a pretty good solution to how I want to loop funky bits and have a drummer play along with me. 
I use the guide extensively as a way for my drummer to have a click track so my loops don't have to act as one.
there's nothing less funky than having one of your loops be stiff so the drummer can follow it.
with the guide I can play as swampy and slinky as I want to and the drummer still has something stiff to follow so the whole band sounds right.
I use other loopers for pitch/reverse/ambient stuff.
the RC-50 is just a great collector of things to loop and turn on and off.

If you don't like it, don't buy it.
too late. I simply could not believe the ineptitude of the device's obvious premature release. In short, it sucks when it comes to a FLOOR CONTROLLED LOOPER which it and the Boomerang both most certainly are.
but don't come on here and spout hateful propoganda like this.<---someone needs to learn what PROPAGANDA means, me thinks.
Sure sounds like a pompous "tell me what to say" statement to me.
different loopers work in different situations. period.<--obviously you have a PHD in looping. I am in way over my head here.lol!
 get used to it. <----I think you just need to get used to the fact that your's is NOT the only opinion that matters pal.
the RC-50 is a great looper for a certain way of looping.


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