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RE: Case against laptops

Wasn't there a similar agruement when people went from Acoustic guitars to
Electric guitars?

The mind boggles at what someone like Hendrix would have done with
Max/Mobius setup and as someone who embraced the most hi tech gadgets of 
day. I'm sure he would love the possibilities of this day and age. Still, i
don't think he would have actually stood behind the laptop! I do agree, it
would be great to see someone smash windows on stage. At least ram the
headstock of the guitar through the screen!


PS. I don't use a laptop

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can you imagine hendrix ever having become immortal from behind a
laptop? case closed.

mind you, I'd pay good money to see pretty much anyone on stage setting
a windows box on fire & smashing it to bits.
(like gang of four do with their microwave oven)

normal black & white keyboards on stage are bad enough (from a
rock'n'roll stageshow point of view), but qwerty keyboards?

I think if you need a computer on stage to do your thing, then it ain't
proper music. [ducks]


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