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Hopefully not a useless question

Perhaps an off topic question, perhaps not.

Iím asking this esteemed group of musicians for tips regarding the
refinement of oneís signal.  You know, the things that may dramatically
improve your sound such as perhaps, power conditioners, pre-amps,
limiters, d/I boxes, etc.

I must confess that I know very little about this side of things.  I
regard myself as something of a hack, assembling a strange little set-up
making strange sounds without necessarily knowing exactly what Iím doing
with it all or how to best implement the thing.  Generally it works for
me but I wonder if there are ways to improve upon it.  

I am certainly not a tone purist in any way, but a lack of noise, good
fidelity, better usage of the sonic spectrum, these are all things I
would definitely appreciate.

So, any tips on what kind of gear is best used to improve the overall
sound of an over processed looping rig?

BTW, I generally run my guitar into a splitter that runs into three
separate effects boxes which all feed into a small mixer then directly
out to a powered speaker set up.



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