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Re: still on the interface quest...

With a decent audio interface (multiple channels, good inserts, software 
mixer, etc), and if you were using a VST host or MAX/MSP, you could record 
directly to hard disc. I know Chainer did this. Not sure about EnergyXT or 
Plogue. In my max/msp system, I record directly to wav format, 32 bit. I 
record to aif as well.  It's a beautiful thing to have a wav file of your 
performance immediately after you are done. :)

....speaking of my max system, I've been going hog wild on building new 
patches. I have several granular patches now that kick ass, plus several 
pitch, filter. mod, and ring mod patches that have code that generate 
changes to parameters of my choice. It's amazing.  I chane the rate at 
random changes are made, plus the range in the parameters.  I'm getting to 
the point to where I can do everything on max that I originally did with 
my sophisticated VSTs, like PSP84, Hipno, monster bag, etc.


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Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 10:36 PM
Subject: RE: still on the interface quest...

> while we are on the subject,what compact mixers with
> firewire to use live would you recomend to record
> tracks directly into a laptop/software?anybody tried
> the alesis firewire multimix series?do they really
> stand up to recording more than 12 channels
> simultaneously?
> cheers
> Luis
> --- Qua Veda <qua@oregon.com> wrote:
>> I've been *very* happy with the PC (rackmt) that I
>> bought from PC Audio
>> Labs.
>> They optimize the computers for audio and have great
>> customer service and
>> support.
>> I will likely buy a laptop PC (with firewire, and
>> optimized config) from
>> them at some point.
>> http://pcaudiolabs.com/daws_laptop.asp?cat=comp
>> -Qua
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>> On 7 jun 2007, at 00.26, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> > ThinkPad T60p doesn't have firewire...so I would
>> have to buy a cardbus
>> > converter. Pisses me off. I am getting the E-MU
>> 1616 Cardbus for now,
>> > and am thinking of getting my very first mac next
>> January (for my 40th
>> > B-Day).
>> See your point. I use both mac and pc laptops and
>> the ability to natively
>> power up a firewire interface is one of the things I
>> like best with the mac.
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