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Re: guitar floorboard with lots of MIDI control

Something to look into, is the upcoming Roland VG99 w/ the FC300 floor boardcontroller. It 'looks' like it has the best of everything, VG technology, Boss GT8Pro and a pitch-midi convertor (requires the 13 pin connector), amp sims, a slew of midi controlled parms. unique ribbon and d-beam control, quick altered tuning, guitar emulation(teles, strats, banjo, nylon, les paul, ricks), excellent on-screen editor (PC and Mac) Intro'd at NAMM 2007, but still not yet delivered (Aug 07).

I'll be being one to try, and hopefully consolidate all my gear, but who knows if the reality lives up to the hype.  Reports from the user groups and those in the 'know' say it's very good.

IMHO, tubes and analog will always have that special something we all look for. Personally, I love using digital products, VST's, modellers, pitch-midi and software synths.  I am a digital guitar geek, and less of a purist (which I take a lot of heat for in my bands and from guitar buddies), but tone is what rules in the guitar world.


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Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 22:01:55 -0700
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Subject: Re: guitar floorboard with lots of MIDI control
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How about the

t.c. electronic G-System



On 6/9/07, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill <
> wrote:
On my quest for the perfect setup, I'm contemplating using a guitar

floorboard in front of the computer.

What I'd want it to have:
        * digital S/PDIF out
        * lots of parameter tweaking via MIDI
        * good and diverse amp models
        * good wah

        * a choice of "standard" guitar effects
        * sync to MIDI clock.
        * floorboard with exp pedal (at least one)

I think the Pod XT Live will do this kind of thing, except for the S/PDIF

out. Any other options?


Nic Roozeboom