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Re: guitar floorboard with lots of MIDI control

On 10 jun 2007, at 07.35, sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

> Guitar Rig 2 is kind of that, in a sense, but something about it  
> bothered
> me.

Me as well... There is something crappy with the sound. I spend long  
time trying to get a better sound but it seems it suffers from some  
"default crappiness" on the sound creating software code level. Ok,  
it sound a little better if you run it in "high resolution mode", but  
the general "bad taste" to the sound is still there. I was able to  
get a much better, IMO, guitar sound from the NI Guitar Combos; great  
reverb but not all the rest of the effects that comes with GR. But  
frankly, all the built-in effects is also why I did not like GR. I  
was able to get better effects, and in some sense even guitar type  
distortion, by patching up those typical effect chains with other,  
carefully chosen, VST plug-ins in Bidule.

Oh BTW, since you brought up software amp modeling (although Rainer  
asked for floor box board tips) I must say that I love the AmpliTube2  
Jimi Hendrix. Have had it for some two months now. It's especially  
good at typical Hendrix sounds, which is a completely different  
universe. It has some analog feel to the sound (I'm comparing it to  
physical my Sovtek MIG-60 top cooking both the first stage’s three  
12AX7A tubes and the output stage’s two EL-34 tubes driving a  
Marshall Lead Series cabinet of one 12” speaker element). Another  
good part of the AmpliTube2 JH is the Octavia replication. I do own  
the physical stomp box Roger Mayer Octavia and IK Multimedia have  
almost succeeded to clone it in digital. Missing the dynamics you get  
with the real stomp box when playing low output single coil neck  
position mic and working the guitar's volume and tone knobs while  
playing, but I guess that's true analog magic that is just impossible  
to measure for digital replication ;-)

> I couldn't handle that latency.

I did not find that troublesome at all. To my musical senses it  
equals standing three to four meters away from your speaker while  
playing. Good enough for guitar, but maybe difficult for vocals or  
wind instruments.

I have never gotten into guitar floorboards, although I have done  
some magazine tests of units that sounded very good, so I have no  
other advice to Rainer than going to a music store and test them out.  
By doing that it would take you no more than an afternoon to find the  
one that suits your need.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)