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Re: Creative Loop Music Unfit for Children

Has anyone experienced problems with downloading this mp3 file?
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Here's a peak of my new CD project, "Music Unfit for Children". Rick Walker has inspired me to try something with non-traditional instruments/gadgets, and this will also be my first CD with my new max/msp system (all max/msp patches and looper, and only one VST, Reaktor), thanks to Jeff Kaiser.
The project will be done with nothing but children's toys (my own kids') and manipuation with my laptop, max/msp + reaktor.  It's really fun! I hope that it makes adults laugh/giggle and children cry....except for my own, of course. I'll teach them to love it or else. :) 
Here is the first tune: "Bright Lights" (there is a fair amount of space in this tune, sort of ambient).
Featured instrument: The vtech "Bright Lights" phone - http://www.toysrus.com/sm-bright-lights-phone--pi-2373416.html
This toy has some interesting sounds: frog, duck, weird atonal phrase (unusual for a kids toy), some goofy melodies, etc.
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