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headset mic

Someone asked how the Audio Technica headset mic compared to the Shure
headset mic.

I have to say , though I had to diss anything,  that the Shure headset 
microphone is
a total waste of money.  It has such limited bandwidth.  I was extremely 
dissapointed with
it.  It didn't come close to comparing with a typical Shure SM58 stage 
microphone which
is a good but not even great stage vocal microphone.

I'd buy the Audio Technica any day.

But because I've been interested in headset microphones all of my life I 
want to share
something cautionary about their use............

A lot of good live oriented dynamic (non headset) microphones have very 
proximity effect (the effect that rolls on considerable bass frequencies 
closer you get
to the mic).

Singers like Tony Bennett are famous for knowing how to use proximity 
to very effect usage
in terms of controlling  the dynamics and timbre of the microphone.

Good singers learn how to ''play" the mic like an instrument.

You lose all proximity effect or at least the ability to change it when 
wear a headset microphone.

For my money, you lose so much subtetly in your ability to express 
yourselves vocally that I don't think I'd ever
wear one (watch,   mr. hypocrite will probably be gushing about his 
microphone within six months...........lol).

Instead, I'd go for a pair of in ear monitors or wireless headphone 
(the cheapies sold at Radio Shack are
actually amazing sounding and eliminate all feedback problems with live 

This will give you the ability to wander all over stage and then 'hit the 
mic' when it is time to do so.

You really lose the ability to control things like beatboxing by using a 
headset mic,  where techniques like
cradling the mic with your hands makes for super deep bass sounds that are 
used by all the pro beatboxers.

Okee dokee,   that's my two cents.

rick walker