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Re: NJ Looping Festival

Tony K wrote:
> Godfrey Daniels?  Muhlenberg's Baker Center? Civic Theater on 19th st? 
> Scottish Rite Cathedral? 
> There should be something around.
Hi Tony,

Are you suggesting these for Soundscapes or for an east coast looping 
Godfrey's is a folk and roots music club so I never thought of holding 
anything there.  I've never been to the Baker Center but imagine it is 
too large and expensive for Soundscapes.  19th Street is also too big 
and the Scottish Rite Cathedral is *WAY* too big.

I need a small place for less than $300 for the day.  Suitability for a 
loopers event depends upon what the organizer has in mind.  And I'm not 
interested in organizing any events at the moment.  My plate is