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Re: AW: do we need a forum ?

Charles Zwicky wrote:
> Anyone who uses a forum daily will attest to it's superiority.
I use the electro-music forum daily and I find that forums are a pain in 
the derriere.  So that negates your position, based not on fact but on 
personal preference.  To each his own.
> In a forum you have the luxury of not having to curate....
Except that you have to go hunting for a topic in a forum and *still* 
have to read a few posts in order to find out it isn't what you thought 
it would be about.

*I* don't know why this is under such lengthy discussion because this 
list's owner has stated that it will always be a mailing list.  If you 
want a forum so badly and don't want to take my previous suggestion to 
take it to electro-music, start your own forum and do all the hard work 
yourself.  This thread has been beaten to death and will go nowhere new 
from here.