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Re: OT: thoughts on music and cooking

Yeah, me too ..... though I need to interject that for proper 
improvisational cooking, one must have a bottle of wine.

>From: "Tony K" <bigtonyk@gmail.com>
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>Subject: Re: OT: thoughts on music and cooking
>Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 13:04:35 -0400
>It makes complete sense to me.  I too love to cook.  But, I have a 
>approach.  I approach cooking in much the same way I do making music.  I
>just make it up as I go along.  I grew up in an Italian family, my
>grandmother(s) just showed me how to make things.  A very few thins there
>were recipes for, but for the most part, it was just experience.  I have a
>general idea of what I want (the basics), then I just start throwing 
>in.  So, my cooking and my music are never the same twice, but always an
>adventure. :)  Sometimes things fail miserably, you know like when I
>accidentally put caraway seed in spaghetti sauce. not good.  And sometimes
>it's a gem.
>On 6/7/07, Josh Carroll <josh@infinivert.com> wrote:
>>In addition to creating music, I also like to cook.  I especially like to
>>making (or rather, attempting to make) sauces.
>>A few years ago I set out to make the perfect salsa.  It took me a few
>>tries, but pretty quickly I came up with a recipe that embodied what I 
>>salsa should taste like.  All my friends love it too.  I usually make it 
>>little thinner and milder than I would personally prefer, but I'm still
>>happy with the flavor, and I feel like it has something unique about it; 
>>little bit of myself expressed in a sauce.
>>This year I decided that my previous recipe was too complicated, so I set
>>out to create a new recipe with half the ingredients.  I nailed it on my
>>first try, and honestly I think the simpler recipe tastes better (though 
>>couple of my friends would argue with me).
>>However, I've also been trying to come up with a barbecue sauce recipe
>>that embodies all I love about barbecue for a few years now, and after
>>dozens of tries, I'm about ready to give up.  Everything I make sucks, 
>>while a couple of my friends are nice enough to eat my experiments, I 
>>it's never very good.
>>I think there are several reasons for the difference in success rates, 
>>perhaps the most important is this:  I have an exact idea of the way I 
>>salsa should taste, and I'm familiar enough with the ingredients to make
>>that happen pretty much every time I make it (a few flops excepted).  But
>>when it comes to barbecue sauce, I've tasted so many different 
>>sauces that I loved, from thin and vinegary to thick and sweet, spicy,
>>brassy, smokey, tart, etc. that it's nearly impossible for me to 
>>sauce that captures my favorite things about each.  Furthermore, there 
>>so many possibilities for different ingredients that I'm just not as
>>familiar with, that when I taste a half-finished sauce and think "hmm... 
>>needs a little of that sweet flavor from Sharon's house sauce," I'm left
>>guessing at how to make that happen.
>>All of that to say, I look at a lot of you guys (and groups like The
>>Books, Sigur Ros, etc.), and it at least appears that your efforts at 
>>music flow the way salsa-making does for me.  You know exactly what 
>>going for, and you stick with it.  Even when it takes a surprising turn, 
>>still turns out great.  And I've watched with envy as several of you have
>>sold-off gear and simplified your sets (stripped out half of the
>>ingredients) and come up with a new recipe that's even more profound and
>>satisfying that what you did at first.
>>But lately, making music has felt like trying to make the perfect 
>>sauce to me.  I have so many diverse influences and sounds in my head 
>>want to combine, and I have all this technology at my fingertips that I'm
>>just not as familiar with as I would like to be, that I feel overwhelmed 
>>the endeavor.  And everything I have come up with so far is just not
>>satisfying to me.
>>And I'd like at least a few people to think it's good too, but right now
>>the artists I'm hearing who come closest (check out
>>http://www.myspace.com/sonlux for one example) are too much of a stretch
>>for even my most musically inclined friends.
>>Has anyone else been here, or am I even making sense?  Any words of

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