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em2007 corrections

I’d like to point out to the LD list several inaccuracies that were pointed out to me by members of the electro-music forum in my report on em2007.


First, my observations were just based on the performances that I was able to catch, and were not applicable in general. There were a *lot* of things to do there, and interesting people to talk to, and it’s not possible to take everything in. In particular, there were several other sets built around live looping, apparently, that I didn’t catch, and also I was not the only participant to eschew video (about 6 did).


Second, my phrase that LD members should consider em as a “viable venue” seems to have a slant that bothers some people, who (correctly) point out that the festival should be considered as an “event to attend” and really a community gathering, not just a place to perform. I guess for me there wasn’t much difference, as I came to both perform and to meet and appreciate the performances of others, so I didn’t think about that. At any event, as I indicated, there’s a wealth of interesting music there, live loopers appear to be welcome, and y’all should think about going next year if you can. Even if you’re not performing.