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Re: still on the interface quest...

> ThinkPad T60p doesn't have firewire...so I would have to buy a 
> cardbus converter. Pisses me off. I am getting the E-MU 1616 
> Cardbus for now, and am thinking of getting my very first mac next 
> January (for my 40th B-Day).

See your point. I use both mac and pc laptops and the ability to 
natively power up a firewire interface is one of the things I like 
best with the mac.

This is a very nice feature!  I just purchase a macbook and a Moto 8pre and love that it boots up immediately.  I am still getting use to my first Mac but with 2gig of ram and a 160 hd I should be able to have some fun.  I went to the Native Instrument page which gave me some tips on setup for recording which I still have not done....... will tonight.   I may need some pointers and will need to search the archive for recommendations as I know there have been many discussions and with my new reading glasses I feel like a kid again....