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Re: OT: cassette -> mp3

Another nice and cheap piece of software is Microsoft's analog
recorder (around $15). Microsoft has a page that describes recording
cassettes onto the computer:

I've used it for both lps and cassettes with good results. The only
downside is that it records only  in wma format. 320kps wma sounds
fine to me and is sufficient for my needs. Good luck,

On 6/7/07, Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com> wrote:
> (Can I do this with just an rca to 1/8" male trs cable to run my cassette
> deck into my soundcard, xp)
> That's what I do except for the iTunes. I use GrooveMechanic that can be
> obtained over the 'net. It does the separation, if desired. It uses an
> add-on for MP3 creation, though (Razor Lame) that cost a small amount of
> $$$.
> Paul
> ditch wrestler <ditchwrestler@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I've spent the last 4 and a bit months loading my cd's into itunes.  And
> it's now time to tackle the two medium-sized boxes of cassettes in my
> closet...
> I would like to keep this as stone-simple as possible as I ain't no
> techno-weenie.  But I know there's more than just a few techno-weenies 
> so that's way I'm asking...
> Can I do this with just an rca to 1/8" male trs cable to run my cassette
> deck into my soundcard, xp, and itunes?
> My machine is a hamster-driven P3 and I'm hoping to avoid anything that 
> costs money, b) will slow down my already slow computer, and c) not turn
> this into a labour-intensive, "hovering over my computer for the entire
> length of the cassette" event.
> Yeah, not asking for too much, am I? ;-)
> I know already once I upload the cassette, that I'm going to have to go 
> and put markers into to seperate the songs so this isn't going to be like
> itunes where I can just toss in the cd and walk away.
> And if I just had a handful of cassettes, I'd find some local studio and 
> them to do it for me but I figure I've got at least 200 cassettes of 
> that's either oop, bootlegs, really obscure, etc. that can't be found on
> cd...
> Sorry for the interuption of the regularly schedule LD content.  Feel 
> to contact me off-line.  Thanks in advance.
> ditchwrestler (aka ted).
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