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Re: AW: do we need a forum ?

>>In a forum, you can CHOOSE what topics you would like to read,
>>respond to, etc...
>How is that different from email?  I looked in my inbox, I saw this
>subject, I chose to read it, and I even took the bait you offered...
>In email, I can delete something or mark it with a star to catch my
>attention later.  Can you do that on a forum?

Of course you can! But , honestly, why is this even a debate?
Anyone who uses a forum daily will attest to it's superiority.

  I get hundreds of emails per day, and  every day I am inches away 
from pulling the plug on Looper's delight due to the volume of EDP / 
Repeater / (etc) -centric topics.

  That is sad, since there is much here that is fun and interesting.

In a forum you have the luxury of not having to curate....


  Topics can flourish,  fueled by and read only by the interested parties.

"Argue your limitations and they are yours to keep forever...."