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Re: NJ Looping Festival

Godfrey Daniels?  Muhlenberg's Baker Center? Civic Theater on 19th st? Scottish Rite Cathedral? 

There should be something around.


On 6/6/07, Bill Fox <billyfox@soundscapes.us> wrote:
Tony K wrote:
> You did the soundscape shows at the Icehouse in Bethlehem, didn't you?  How
> was that?  Nice place?  Bethlehem is only an 1.5 hour drive from NYC.
> Bethlehem is a nice town.  And they love their music (Musikfest and
> NEARFest)
Yes I did... until they started requiring a $1,000,000 liability
policy.  The cost is greater than ticket sales, effectively putting me
out of business until <drum roll> I find a new venue!  The Ice House is
a great venue and will be hard to beat.

shit  :(