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Re: do we need a forum ?

Jens Wolters wrote:
> I have been following the loopers delight list for quite a while. But 
> after some time I always tend to unsubscribe. There is just too much 
> mail in my mail account.
> Also I find it really hard to follow the existing threads.
> I wish there was a forum on Loopers Delight. What do you guys think?
> Of course it would be nice to have it on 
> http://www.loopers-delight.com <http://www.loopers-delight.com/>. But 
> if that is not possible or wanted, I can provide domain, hosting and 
> setting up the forum.
There is already some cross pollination between members of electro-music 
and loopers delight.  If you absolutely *must* have a forum, 
http://electro-music.com would be the vibrant community to host it, 
being interested in diversity.  I am happy with this list as it is.