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Re: Sync drift with EDP. Causes? Solutions?

Sorry, I meant to imply the clock source was either the drum machine or Ableton, not both at the same time. I cant imagine the clock would be unstable. It runs the internal sequencer fine.
Im stumped.
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From: "Doug Cox" <uncledig@gmail.com>
Maybe there's a hint in this:

The Midi out of the Drum machine/Ableton is connected to the midi in of the EDP

Are both the drum machine and Ableton sending separate but simultaneous MIDI clocks?  Seems like this could easily confuse the EDP.

There's also the real possibility that the clock coming from the drum machine is unstable.  That could be the case for Live also, but I'd trust Per to tell us if he has any experience with an unstable clock coming out of Live?