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FS: Oberheim Echoplex, Lexicon Jam Man

Sorry, last post about this.  :)  The vortex got snapped up, but the
Echoplex and Jam Man are now up on eBay - check them out, you might
snag a deal!



(previous msg below:)

Hi all,

I frequented this list back in the late 90's and found the folks here
to be the most like-minded and supportive creative community I've ever
been involved with.  And I'm sure that spirit continues today!

But I just wanted to pop back in for a bit and offer you guys first
dibs on my looping hardware before I put it up on Ebay.  I treated all
my looping tools with loving care during our time together, but as
they have spent the last several years in a dark, quiet box, I've
decided that it is time for them to find new owners who can give them
the attention they deserve.  All equipment was purchased brand new in
'98 or thereabouts.  I live in San Francisco and commute to the East
Bay, so local pickup is possible.

Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro - asking 550
* Full 198-second memory upgrade
* Includes Loop III v5.0 software (I was a beta tester for Kim!)
* Includes manuals, foot pedal, spectraflex cable, etc.
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/oberheim%20echoplex%20front.jpg
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/oberheim%20echoplex%20detail.jpg
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/oberheim%20echoplex%20rear.jpg
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/oberheim%20echoplex%20kit.jpg

Lexicon Jam Man - asking 300
* Full 32-second memory upgrade
* Includes footpedal, manual, power supply
* There is a tiny scratch/crack at the top of the red plastic covering
over the LED panel.  The LEDs are not in any way affected by this
minor cosmetic flaw.  See picture below.
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/lexicon%20jamman%20front.jpg
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/lexicon%20jamman%20detail.jpg
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/lexicon%20jamman%20kit.jpg
* http://dr.toast.dj/temp/ebay/lexicon%20jamman%20screen.jpg

I also have some other equipment that's about to go on Ebay, let me
know if you're interested:  Ensoniq ASR-10, SansAmp PSA-1, Aphex 109,
Lexicon MPX-1, Fender Deluxe Reverb 68 Reissue, Mackie 1202-VLZ,
Yorkville YSM-1 monitors, Hafler P-3000 amp