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Re: The Artist's Right To Be Boring (was:  Re: the best.... the worst....)

In a message dated 6/4/07 3:50:15 PM, tedkillian@charter.net writes:

Artists need to be accorded a "right to be awful" from time to time

how often before it becomes a problem and you turn into an awful artist?....."I'm a noise band!" that's it!.....still holding at 20 mins. of acoustic guitar playin in over a month.....gettin weird.....i did my first looping in over a month today with.....my setup-----> casio cz 5000 and an ampex 2001 tape mic----->mackie vlz 1202.....one send goes to an electrix "mo-fx" (my looper).....the other send goes to an alesis q-2-----> and all this goes to some srm 450's (so the awful (full of awe) music can be really loud).....what happened to the east coast festivities, got awful quiet around here or did everyone run off too some forum or other?.....:).....mic


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