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Re: Artist's right to be boring

mmmhhhh.... juicy,
I will try that next saturday.
First I will play guitar ( interlude) than I will try to play music ;-)

ciao a tutti,

samba - wrote:

> I thought the abstract elctronica thing swas funny. Artsists do have a 
> right to be boring,but don't have aright to get paid. There's an old 
> vaudevile trick that can work quite well when one has an audience that 
> won't walk out. An intentionaly boring interlude can lower people's 
> expectations ans threshold for excitement,rendering them more 
> receptive to the interesting stuff ( you know ,like when you turn on 
> the blacklights).Done right this can be part of sending people home 
> feeling like they had a great time.
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