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The Artist's Right To Be Boring (was: Re: the best.... the worst....)

On 4 jun 2007, at 19.40, Goddard, Duncan wrote:

> but what's wrong with "abstract electronica" if it's done tastefully

absolutely nothing ;-)

I was just joking about the fact that there are so many times I have  
played experimental music where the experiment kind of not turned out  
very well, as in "not done tastefully", and on such occasions I have  
heard this "failure music" labeled "Abstract Electronica" by others.  
It's like people think that since they don't feel much for this music  
there must be some hidden abstract quality within it... they just  
just don't dare to realize that the music simply is bad ;-)  I'd like  
to propose a big cheers for The Artist's Right To Be Boring!!! ;-))  
(Yes, seriously. Nothing good comes out of playing it safely all the  
way and mistakes must be allowed to hit the good ones)