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rain samples to share

We had a nice heavy rainstorm this morning. I recorded three 2-3minute 
chunks using a BLUE Snowball USB mic with the lo-gain firmware, WireTap 
Pro, and a MacBook Pro. Files are available as both AIFF and MP3 on this 


I moved the mic different distances from the floor, from resting to just a 
little off, to higher, so the deck-level impacts differ.

No processing, just fieldwork. Anyone is welcome to use these as you like. 
(I'd like to know if you do, though.)

On a more technical note, does anyone have suggestions for weatherproof 
(-resistant) mics that I might use for recordings such as this, or how to 
construct an enclosure that I might be able to use for recording such as 
this? This wouldn't have worked if I'd had any wind, for example, but with 
the rain falling down and not sideways I felt safe using a piece of two of 
paper towel for a few minutes to catch splattering raindroplets. Yes, the 
mic is fine.

Steve B  Subscape Annex http://www.subcapeannex.com/