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Re re : A shameless spam and call for help answer

Excellent Brother!!! :o)  I think I can feel the breeze formed by the 
winds of positive change
that are blowing now!  I do appreciate the open invitation very much it 
sounds extremely gorgeous
up there.  Surrounding yourself with such beauty what a dream for me.  I 
am happy to hear of your
daughters successes and I wish many more blessings for you and yours that 
God will give.  I am
that person that John Reuter of the late "The Noodles" and I think current 
"Grateful Arizona"
refers to as his very accomplished student. I graduated from Roberto-Venn 
with all their and Gods help and received my international certification 
as luthier guitar
technician back in the Spring of 2000. I have only built 2 guitars one 
jumbo acoustic built from
woods you can find growing in Oregon!  Cloves come from the tree also 
known as pepperwood or
myrtle (Umbellularia genus)- Rosewood family group-  In California better 
known as the laurel. 
They tend to blend different species together locally around here too. I 
finally have some Osage
Orange ready to and working currently on my new design prototypes. My 
first electric was made from
"King Koa" it is a dream to play and the tone is simply second to none.  
African mahogany body and
neck.  Another couple of the seminar instructors that comes in to R. Venn 
School of Luthiery Rick
Turner and Seymour Duncan have teemed up and designed the "D Tar" acoustic 
preamplification of
sorts to die for.  I installed Seymours classic live wires and absolutely 
love em.  18 volts of
the cleanest power I have ever found.  A couple of months ago I jammed 
with and hosted in my
partially flooded basement "The" one and only Johny Barbata of The 
Turtles, Joel Scott Hill Trio,
Jefferson Airplane, Sammy Hagar etc. etc.... He wants me to come down and 
record with him in his
new studio in Oklahoma when things settle down for him.  His wife has very 
serious sclerosis of
the liver and he is healing her up with Native American healing herbs with 
great results.  I fed
him some organic eggs I cooked up quickly and he was off to his 
booksigning at Kutz Music here by
my house in Pittsburg Kansas.  It was such a pleasure having him and Joel 
"Truman" Scott Hill come
down.  Back to John Reuter and William Eaton they are or may have already 
completed the designing
and building of "The Jerrycaster" cocobolo dreams by the way he describes 
it!  I have met the
keyboardist for the late Garcia and heard him play live jammin around with 
my fellow students in
Johns band.  He seemed like a very kind soul and I had a very powerful but 
painful vision that he
could of been a large cause of.  They do call that area and more of around 
Sedona Arizona "The
Vortex" It is very positive I can assure you as my experiences were 
incredible despite my near
death experiences and doctor saying back then you need to get rid of this 
stress.  "If you do not
you are on the verge of a heart attack"  She was my doctor and 
chiropractor that really snapped me
out of it so to speak.  God bless Janet Judge and her practice!  Well not 
trying to be so long
winded but I am glad to hear of you and your daughters recent successes 
for sure keep in touch my
family members are up in Bend Oregon too.  I sure would love to have a big 
ol mess of them organic
blueberries I eat them like constantly and my God parents live in Holland 
Michigan where
blueberries are big business as well.  I love pickin em right off the bush 
and poppin em in.  Man
ol mighty I am gonna go check out your webpage sites now.  Take care and 
true joyful Peace B With
You and Yours!!!  Thank you :o)
--- Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:

> Thanks Dan!
> I'm gonna try to figure out how to do the friend addy etc.   Couldn't  
> find Daniel Albertini on myspace!  DID find a Daniel Albertini on a  
> guitar page talking about Jerry Garcia's guitars.  Was that you?  Are  
> you a dead fan?  I was auditioned for that band (keyboards), wrote  
> music for their last Chinese New Years show... produced their friend  
> Wavy Gravy way back when.
> Checked out Don Alder - wow! Furious fingers of fire!
> Don't really know that many folks up here.  Moved here from Portland  
> Oregon in 03.  Since that time have mostly been working helping my  
> daughter into the music business.  So I've met a lot of folks touring  
> with her etc.  But we're on Vancouver Island which is 2 hours by ferry  
> from the mainland (Vancouver).  So I'm either here working on the farm  
> (organic blueberries), working on music (practicing / writing) or  
> recording or touring with her.  Her record is 18 and rising on the  
> charts here now.  Lots of very big wingdings lining up behind her.  I  
> think, as Universal Music does, that you'll be hearing a lot from her  
> in the next year or so.
> I've always put myself after those I've been helping.  But I have such  
> a huge backlog of material I thought I should start moving it out into  
> the world - hence "Grandpappy Twice".  Plus, I'm 59 and it's occurred  
> to me that if I'm ever gonna stick it out there I should start soon.
> If you're ever up this way give a call.  And thanks so much.  The more  
> we help each other, the more we help ourselves!
> richard sales
> glassWing farm and studio
> vancouver island, b.c.
> 800.545.6846
> 250.752.4816
> www.glassWing.com
> www.richardsales.com
> www.hayleysales.com
> www.grandpappytwice.com (coming soon!)
> On 2-Jun-07, at 12:49 AM, Dan wrote:
> > Man I will do what I can to let everybody know Im on there too who's  
> > Grandma isn't now?  Right?
> > Link up on my friend addy and be sure to check out another very good  
> > aquaintance I have jammed
> > with in www.wvfest.com aka Winfield Walnut Valley International Finger 
> > and Flatpickin, violin,
> > mandolin, dulcimers of all colors etc. etc. Championships.  He and the 
> > studio is actually right
> > there in Vancouver Canada!   www.donalder.com and on myspace Daniel  
> > Albertini.  My page is growing
> > and one music video (The One) and clips of indie films I have had tiny 
> > acting parts and
> > appearances in.  There has been numerous people from Canada coming to  
> > the
> > www.barebonesfilmfestivals.com as well as Jean Savoie amazing  
> > bassplayer and fellow luthier up
> > there too.  I last heard he was playing on cruize ships making boo koo 
> > bucks but bored miserable
> > for the most part.  I gotta look him up again maybe he is on myspace  
> > as well?  My last amazingly
> > talented singer I played for Amanda Rainey lived in Vancouver a good  
> > part of her life and visits
> > often whenever she can, she is in California now.  I could not  
> > possibly remember all of the humans
> > up there I have met.  Mr C.G.P. (certified guitar player) himself  
> > Tommy Emmanuel has been up there
> > touring as well.  Link up bro!  Have Fun and the best of luck to you  
> > and your bandmates.  I still
> > have a lot of work to do and look forward to the ride ahead maybe we  
> > will hook up some time?
> > Visions of Whirled Peas B With You :o)
> > 
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