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Re: So why Boise?

Andrew and David as I think ya'll were the main suggestors of a eastcoast/NJ festival.  Feels like everyone is inching up to the plate with enthusiasm.  I'd like to take the bull by ye horns - as mentioned I'll get in touch with Don Slepian for venue ideas he might have covered in the past.  I'm sure he is going to be interested in being involved.  I'd like to suggest a target date of Sept maybe as that gives time to develop/promote plus I think something like this in the summer is hard to draw people.  I did a kind of similar event with a project called the Language of 3 during late June a few years ago and granted it's never predictable but at least in dealing with a City environment it was a major bust with the draw.  I did a tremendous amount of organizing/promoing and they just didn't come.  I'm open to thoughts however re this.
I will start researching venues and interest.  I have played as mentioend earlier a lot in Jersey but not as much in the last 2 years and I would like to reestablish there.  An outside thought is I'm wondering if Sam Ash might be interested in some kind of sponsorship, probably not but if we had a 'name' no offense here to anyone they might.  The above metnioned project was built on the idea of surrounding 2 lesser known guitarists with a known guitarist ala Muriel Anderson projects and previous Windham Hill concerts.
Anyhow I'm really happy to try to help push this puppy out the door.