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At 7:42 PM +0200 5/30/07, Nathan van Heynsbergen wrote:
>I am really so curious about this, plus maybe we could inspire eachother!
>so;  From, through and to what does your audiosignal go?

Glergh!  This is going to get a bit convoluted.

My setup has gotten more and more modular over time, with the idea 
being that anything should be able to be used alongside or instead of 
(just about) anything else.

With that in mind, let's start at the end and work backwards.

For recording, I've just gotten an E-mu/Ensoniq PARIS HD recording 
system (which isn't yet set up).  Otherwise, I've just been using a 
Gemini iKey USB Dongle for scratch stuff, or else recording tracks 
internally within my laptop(s).

        Looperlative LP-1
                Alesis Akira Multi-FX in LP-1 Aux 1
                Korg KAOSS KP-3 Multi-FX in LP-1 Aux 2
        Alesis ZoneMix 6 Mixer
             (The LP-1 is dedicated on the ZoneMix's "A" bus send. 
The LP-1 Main output &
              its Aux outs -- via the Akira and KAOSS Pad -- are each 
brought back into their
              own individual mixer channel.  The "B" bus is the Mains 
out.  This allows me to
              route any input channel to the LP-1, Mains, or both at 
the flip of a switch.)

        Macbook Core2Duo 2Ghz
                Ableton Live 6.x (primarily routing and hosting)
                Reaktor 5.x
                Plogue Bidule 0.9x
                Various VST/AU Synths and Effects
                Looping: XFade Loopsynth, Musolomo, Augustus Loop
        Edirol FA-66 Firewire Audio Interface
                Art DPS II Digital Tube Preamp (S/PDIF to FA-66)
                Art TCS Tube Compressor (sidechained to DPS II)

The two Looping Racks can be used either individually, or as a single 
unit by strapping I/O between the ZoneMix6 and the FA-66's extra ins 
& outs (essentially using the Hardware Rack as a send effect).  Also, 
I'm using the S/PDIF out on the FA-66 to drive a pair of digital 
headphones for monitoring a cue mix.


                Blue 8-Ball and MXL Mics
                Presonus Eureka Mic/Instrument Pre-amp
                Yamaha WX-11 MIDI Wind Controller
                Yamaha VL-70m Physical Modelling Synth (w/ Patchman Banks)
                Novation A-Station Synth (for vocoding)
                MIDIMAN Mini-Mixer
                TC Helicon Voiceworks Pitch/Harmony Shifter
                Boss VF-1 Effect Unit

                Yamaha G-10 MIDI Guitar & G10C Controller
                E-mu Morpheus Synth
                (2x) Line 6 Echo Pros (run dual mono) in Morpheus' Aux 1
                Alesis Bitrman in Morpheus' Aux 2

        CHAPMAN STICKS (usually plugged direct into laptop Optional 
Input Section):
                12-string Maple with ACTV-2 and Roland GK-3 Pickups
                10-string Alto Tarara with PASV-4 Pickup
                10-string Polycarbonate with Stickup Pickup (currently 

        GUITARS (run through VG and/or Pedalboard, see below):
                Fender '80's Japanese Tele w/ dual EMG humbuckers
                Line 6 Variax 300 with Roland GK-3 Pickup (also AWOL)

        FRANKENGUITAR (run through Pedalboard, see below):
                Vox Tempest XII 12-string electric, since converted 
into an Electric Oud
                (de-fretted, tuned to 11-string DGADGC with dual 
string courses)
                with additional Roland GK-3 Pickup

                Roland R8-m w/additional cards (Jazz, Mallet, SFX)
                Korg EMX-1 (sometimes used separately)

        ROLAND VG-8 (also often incorporates Pedalboard into its Aux loop):
                output feeds directly into:
                        Electrix Filter Queen Filter, then...
                        Eowave Space Bug Delay

        PEDALBOARD (signal path is in this order):
                Radial LoopBone Pedalboard Controller with...
                    Loop A:
                        LastGasp Art Labs "88" Distortion
                        Alesis Akira Multi-FX
                    Loop B:
                        Catalinbread Silver Kiss Overdrive/Boost
                        Roland WP-20g
                        Boss PS-3 Pitch Shift (splits A & B outs to...)
                        Whirlwind Selector A/B/Y (selects between 
                Alesis Volume Pedal
                Vox Tonelab SE Amp Modeller
                Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper Tremelo
                Yamaha MagicStomp MkII

MIDI CONTROL (currently daisy-chained):
        Casio GZ-5 Super-Mini MIDI Keyboard (used for sending MIDI Notes 
to FX)
        Digitech PMC-10 MIDI Foot controller
        Evolution X-Session or Faderfox LV-1 Fader Boxes

As I said, this is basically a modular system.  Each one of the 
current Working Instrument Setups listed above does its own thing 
within its rack, but eventually presents only a single set of stereo 
audio outputs.  That means that each Setup can be thought of as a 
block which is plugged in or out of the Looping Racks as the need 
arises.  One morning I might be using the Wind Rack, but that 
afternoon feel like switching to the Frankenguitar and VG-8 with the 

Several years ago, my studio partner and I tried wiring everything we 
had into a single integrated unit, where anything could be automated 
and routed into anything else at the flip of a switch.  We ended up 
with a modern equivalent of Tonto's Exploding Head Band, and it took 
up an entire freaking wall.  Well, it was really cool to spend 
evenings sitting around in the dark -- drinking and watching all the 
pretty lights blink as the mixes repeated over and over -- but it 
really wasn't as functional and inspiring as we'd hoped.  Instead, we 
spent more time maintaining and integrating new gear into the "mass" 
than we ever did actually making music.

This approach seems to work better, in that I can concentrate 
engineering time in building the Setups, then pull them each in and 
out as I need them.  Composition time is merely a matter of picking 
an instrument, then plugging in its "block" and playing.

"I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of 
murder... later"