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Re: NJ Looping Festival

David Beardsley wrote:
Jim Goodin wrote:
I took part in a house concert/webcast a coupel of years ago that was ran by a guy who named Don Slepian, an excellent key's/synth guy.  He has since moved to the Pocono's but still a) might be interested in being part of and b) may have some ideas.  I'll get in touch with him.
Cool. I know who Don is, he one of those fathers of Space music. I heard a concert withhim
at a FireHouse in Sommerset, NJ in the mid-80's...'85?  My friends dad worked with him
at the time...
You may note that Electric Diamond played at the Hyperspace event I previously mentioned.  Half of Electric Diamond is none other than Don Slepian.  Hmmm...  Perhaps I should dig out something by Don to play on my show tonight.