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RE: So why Boise?

Hey...I am up for a trip to Arizona...if others are as well.  It's 
actually probably a bit of a shorter drive than up to SantaCruz.  

If Ted does try something in Oregon...I am there (even if just to play 
some duets with the most esteemed Mr. Killian in some java house...).

And, Kris...ya got anything happening in Boise this summer (I feel a need 
for a roadtrip...)


> > That about sums it up. It takes a bunch of OCD MFs like me, Rick, etc.
> > Someone has to make it a priority and drive it home on their own. It 
>takes a
> > fair amount of event, financial, and program managment skills as well, 
> > isn't a skill everyone is comfortable with.
> Anybody interested in coming to Arizona?  :-)
> Doug

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