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A shameless spam and call for help

Hi Friends

I'm in the middle of proposing some music stuff to some big music hoo hahs. So far so good. Now I posted three pieces on YouTube four days ago and they're getting very good response. NONE OF THIS IS LOOPING. And it's about as ambient as a sledge hammer! It's what I used to do and what people seem to enjoy so much. It's not where I am currently at all... although I did just do a performance with this band ("R Sales & The Musical Fruit") and loved it. I think I'll probably always do this... but under my alter ego "Grandpappy Twice" so as to separate it from my more 'serious' music.

So I'm asking if you'll go and check out the tunes to help pump up my numbers for this proposal. And if you like it, pass it around. If it works, eventually it could be beneficial to the looping world. And it DOES have the reigning King of Brown Tone Generators, chief Mechanic of The Funk Engine, and fellow looper, Miles Ward on two of the pieces. Miles rips it up on "Bongs, Not Bombs!"

I think it might get a chuckle or two:

"The Texas Chainsaw Messiah":


"The Hemp Jingle (Bongs, Not Bombs)"


"Heart Shaped Window"


And just for your OPTIONAL reading pleasure, here's the accompanying letter I use in my bulk emails (aka SPAM!) announcing this:

Sorry for the spam. I'm a vegetarian and I know (or remember) how bad Spam can be. Not only that, but the dingos that DO spam have stolen ______@glasswing.com to send out billions of 'enlarge this' and 'shrink that' emails. It's awful! I'm blocked by Comcast and others because of it. But if I didn't send out bulk emails I'd spend the rest of my life writing individual ones. (Reply and I'll reply!!!) So here goes... and hopefully it's pretty harmless - and received with forgiveness.

Some binary chunks of me are now living on YouTube. Video of 'GrandpappyTwice' live. Just crazy stuff... but pass it around.

(Links to YouTube pieces)

I think I wanna stay anonymous with this stuff so if you do pass it around, my name is Grandpappy Twice. I had two different people come up to me at a festival here in Canada and say "Don't play that in the states. You'll get shot!" Also, I've just learned, "GrandpappyTwice" has been banned in Thailand already from the YouTube vid's. Hopefully Richard Sales isn't gonna get caned when he goes there!

I also encourage all to check out Bongs, Not Bombs because, well, it's a daffy song... but also because of the wonderful tuba (sousaphone) solo by Miles Ward at the end. And Heart shaped Window is one of my own personal faves.

Drink one down and pass it around! It will make people laugh... which is always good... and help me a lot! There are some interesting things going on with my music career as we speak and the more folks that watch my YouTubes, the better.

Thanks times MC squared,

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 31-May-07, at 11:20 AM, mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:

Wow, most of these make my setup look positively primitive! I said it before, but I'll say it again...

The jazz guitar crowd and the looping crowd are very different. When I first posted about my setup on the jazz guitar newsgroup, they said "Wow, I've never seen so many pedals". When I first posted it on here, people said, "Wow you get a really nice sound out of such a minimal setup"! LOL!

Mark Smart