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Another curiously simple setup:

Basses: fretted Rick Turner Renaisssnace 4; fretless Rick Turner 
Renaissance 5>>>

 >>>>DTAR MAMABEAR (ostensibly an acoustic gtr modeling preamp, I use it 
 >not so much in an attempt to "model" other gtrs, and, after all, I am 
 >playing BASS..but rather for the way it "neutralizes" the sound of the 
 >pickup --and granted the Turner PUs are very, very good--and superimposes 
 >that with the unique sonic shape of a mic'd acoustic instrument.  Very 
 >warm and natural sounding.  The only "modeler" I have ever really 

>>>custom LOW END TRUE VOICE PREAMP: a hand made, hand wired 
>(point-to-point--nary a chip nor circuit board in sight) tube preamp 
>using a single 6S*7 octal tube and a single passive tone control. Also 
>doubles as a tube DI and can be used to send my "direct signal" 
>(pre-loops) to a house mix.>>>

>>>>Custom modified LEXICON JAM MAN: with Bob Sellon's latest OS.  Does a 
>great number of functions not in the original JamBoy (mutilple 
>serial/parallel loops, fades in and out of indiividual channels, stereo 
>placement of loops, mutiple loop lengths...), barely resembles the 
>original. At times I use an EDP with Loop IV, but, for some reason prefer 
>the JamMan.>>>

>>>> CUSTOM TUBE BUFFER AMP: From Red Iron Amps.  A stereo tube buffer amp 
>(2 12au7 tubes--NOS JAN tubes). Hand made, point to point wiring. I use 
>this to "mask" any digital artifacts made vis-a-vis the loopers.  It was 
>originally designed for this purpose in conjunction with amp modelers 
>like the POD or ToneLab, but works wonders with digital looping devices 
>(and serves another purpose as a ersatz "reamp" box when dealing with 
>recorded tracks!)  Very cool, with  gain and passive tone control...can 
>add slight "warmth" (I hate using that term) to tube OD and grind. 
>Wonderful device made with very high end audiophile components. Works 
>great at "masking" any digital-ness to loopage.>>>

>>>> BARGE CONCEPTS VFB2: Variable Feedback Bypass Loop: basically an 
>outboard aux loop, with "dry balance" control which keeps a designated 
>potion of the signal from the loop.  It also features a variable feedback 
>loop, which induces screams, wails and shrieks from whatever it is 
>plugged into (and makes kittens explode).  I use it to control the mix of 
>my reverb only...which is...>>>

>>>>DEMETER RV1 ANALOG SPRING REVERB The richest, most lush verb I have 
>ever used.  True analog spring (two spring tanks: onelong one short) can 
>be linked for stereo operation, dual mono, or a cascaded sound. A very 
>incredible sounding reverb which has made me leave my various digital 
>processors in the studio.>>>

>>>> DEMETER VTDB2 TUBE DIRECT BOX which, of course, feed the house sound 
>(and the parallel out feeds my monitor setup which is and Acoustic Image 
>Amp with AI extension cabs...for larger venues various flavors of Bag End 

Recording is basically the same setup, altho' frequently the preamp and DI 
setup is changed out in favor of any of the following:
Avalon U5
Chandler Ltd. Germanium Mic Pre
Chandler Ltd Germanium Tone Control
Manley VoxBox

The JamMan is switched out or used in tandem with a Gibson EDP. The only 
MIDI used is when syncing these...tho' of late I have prefered them 
unsync'd ("syncless"?).

Other than the reverb there are no effects, pedal or digital muti-fx, 
used....and I really don't miss them.


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