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Re: Right Loop Pedal

yes, the click can go through the aux (and be absent from the mains) on the RC-50.


On 5/30/07, Bill Trible < ultra@f2s.com> wrote:
Sounds good - Does anyone know if I can send the click out thru the aux and not the main mix on the RC-50?  Many thanks for the feedback.

jenswolters@gebaeude7.de wrote:
I agree with John,

the timestreching of the RC-50 and MIDI syncing is not usable though. Sounds terrible.

Greetings Jens.

the best pedal to do what you want is the boss rc50.  it has stereo sub
outs (aux outs), and i've found that using those to send the loop only
signal to a mixer/monitor/headphone to the drummer works very well.  i
believe the boomerang also has an aux out, but i don't think it's as
dialed in as the boss, though boomerang is supposed to come out with a
new pedal sometime soon supposedly.

at the moment, for the easiest, least complicated way to do what you
want to do, it's the rc50 in my opinion.

john floridis