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Re: Flow and Electronic Musical Instrument Design

Hi QUa

I know for playing guitar sitting is WAY better than standing for me. My body can move, but I don't have to worry about keeping myself vertical! I think most guitarists would agree, but most stand up so they can be seen above the crowd. Also, it's harder to do the windmill guitar moves sitting down. And of course, sitting is the tried and true method of playing keyboards (piano). I've done it standing up (organ & synth), but sitting is so much better, especially after a few beers.

I think possibly it might be easier to work floor pedals standing up, though.

I think correct posture when sitting is critical for me. I've seen great guitarists sit wrong and they seem to be fine. But they're young and the bones and muscles are still too intimidated by the vigor of youth to make their statement. But, given time, they will. And when they do, OUCH!

I think flow is mostly in our minds. Certainly, that which stops flow is in our minds. Moving the body sometimes seems to shut down that part of the mind that stops flow. But it doesn't have to be jumping jacks.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 18-May-07, at 2:02 PM, Qua Veda wrote:
What do you think - does sitting in a relatively fixed position, at a
computer, or set of control surfaces help or hinder Flow ?