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Re: Ronin / Lupus in Fabula / To Beatle Or Not To Beatle

Hi Bernhard

Wish I hadn't missed Lupus in Fabula. I only live a stone's throw 
away... Saw Ronin two weeks ago, though, and was deeply impressed. 
Should anyone make it to Zurich, they play at www.bazillusclub.ch every 
Monday evening.



Am 18.05.2007 um 13:57 schrieb Bernhard Wagner LD:

> Monday I attended a concert by Ronin, whose Zen Funk concept and music 
> is well worth checking out: http://www.nikbaertsch.com/, last year 
> they released a CD "Stoa" on ECM. They work a lot with polyrhythmic 
> repetition, however without the use of loop machines.
> At the concert I bumped into Rätus Flisch, the bass player who 
> concluded the Zurich Loopfest 2005 with the band "Flisch - Röver - 
> Pfammatter".
> He handed me a flyer "Lupus in Fabula", which is what the original 
> line up has evolved into. It's still Rätus Flisch (flischnews.ch), 
> Christian Röver (christianrover.com), but a new italian 
> drummer/percussionist Enzo Zirilli (enzozirilli.com).
> So yesterday was their last gig of this tour in Winterthur, Esse 
> Musicbar and I had the pleasure to see them live.
> It was a terrific concert. The first set was very powerful and upbeat 
> while the second was more mellow. The style of their music is mostly 
> jazz. Both Rätus and Christian are professors at jazz institutions.
> Christian used a headless Steinberger with transtrem and a "Voodoo" 
> guitar. I couldn't find information about it, but Christian presented 
> the instrument to the audience and said it's produced in Turin. Its 
> head looks like that of a classical acoustic guitar. The lower strings 
> go well into the domain of the bass guitar. Also the higher part of 
> the fretboard is fretless, so you can have a bit of that as well. The 
> instrument easily picks up any contacts with its body which Christian 
> applied beautifully in one piece as he played the percussion on the 
> guitar's body. Also he played around with the strap attachment which 
> generated some eery squeaks that he accumulated in a loop.
> Christian used two Boomerangs. He told me afterwards that he also 
> plays duo gigs with Enzo where he even uses three Boomerangs. He is 
> very fond of the operation concept and the touch and response of the 
> Boomerang buttons. I asked him about how he does the synchronization 
> of his Boomerangs and he just pointed to his feet with a smile. He 
> said, if after two minutes he starts hearing a phase shift between the 
> loops, he was good... (the shorter the loop the harder this is to 
> achieve of course)
> Enzo is a terrific drummer and percussionist. He synchronizes his time 
> to the loops with apparent effortlessness.
> Rätus plays a double bass and uses an Oberheim EDP with the original 
> foot controller. I particularly enjoyed his use of the instrument as a 
> source of unexpected and surprising sounds.
> Their new CD "Lupus in Fabula" appeared on hmtz records 
> (http://hmtzrecords.hmt.edu/)
> Christian also released a self-made CD "Version 0.72 live - To Beatle 
> Or Not To Beatle" February this year.
> You can hear the Voodoo guitar, occasional ring modulation and a lot 
> of loopage going on in a masterful jazzy, and often a tongue-in-cheek 
> sense of humour. All pieces are morphs between different covers of 
> famous pieces (e.g. "Love Me Tender" + "You've Got To Hide Your Love 
> Away" = "Love My Tender Hide").
> Check it out (christianrover.com)
> Bernhard