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Re: Mics

For what is worth a friend of mine swears by the
SENNHEISER E606 for miking a guitar amp live,,he says
it makes the sm57 sounds like a cheap radio mic.
Gotta try it see if its true!

--- samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I like the Sennheiser 421. It's what I prefer for
> percussion. unless a 
> supercardiod 441 is available. I don't own
> either-they're expensive.They had 
> an ad in recording magazine picturing an
> oscilloscpope reading of 421 
> reading a starting pistol ( for starting races)  and
> it just shows this big 
> black blip. I would have expected total
> distortion,but it was clean as a 
> whstle.. Sennheiser has some stage mics,clearly
> designed to compete with 
> Shures that sound great.  I have some experience w
> Neuman kms 105s 
> ,incredible . AKG has new stage mics ,c-5 condenser
> and d-5,dynamic
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