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Re: Why not a Looper's Delight Podcast ?

Great idea.  I have been mulling over a similar idea.  Personally, I  
would like to see a format where the artist is interviewed, talks  
about their technique and how a particular song was written/recorded,  
and then we hear the song!  I'd be happy to volunteer to do some  
interviews and/or help produce the podcast.


King Never

On Mar 30, 2007, at 10:03 AM, e t e r o g e n e o wrote:

> It seems that ther's a lot of people here interested in podcasting.
> So i've start to think: why don't we make a Looper's Delight Podcast ?
> If Kim is agree about using this title, and some of you are  
> interested,
> you can send me your mp3 links to some of your preferred live looping
> performance and i will build a podcast.
> It could be an interesting way to spread up our world to the rest  
> of the world...
> What do you think about ?