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eterogeneo - - - New E.MAIL address - New WEB SITE

Hi people,
sorry for the spam, but i think someone could be interested in this.
This is to let you know that, after nights of hard working with flash, i've built and upload my new web site.
It requires a flash plugin and a fast connection is raccomended.
It doesn't have yet songs to download and other improvement are scheduled, but ther's a link on the homepage to my free 
podcast on itunes that i will update on a regular base with my "nocturne" live looping improvvisations and experimentations.
I've put some of you in my link page; but if you don't want it, please, let me know, and i'll remove the link.
I've also change my mail subscription to the LD group: info@eterogeneo.com
So please, update your links or e.mail address.
Good surfing on  www.eterogeneo.com   !