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Re: The Word is Out! Sell Your EDP's!

Oh gee! You're a successful artist, Paul. What's up with this? Usually folks who rail against other artists so vehemently are busking on imaginary street corners... or bedrooms or garages.

No one's jamming anything anywhere. You must know this. Last year Universal spend $2M on a band that failed miserably. You can't shove anything in any orifice without the orifice being interested in some way. ONCE THE ORIFICE IS AVAILABLE, the record folks might apply a lot of financial KY Jelly, but if the audience ain't there they're too skiddish nowadays to dump anything but old artists like you and I!

To me, the question is, why do people like what you and I might consider beginner music? I'm not joking here. I think it's a very educational and possibly enlightening question. My hunch is it has to do with emotional content... and the demographic of who's actually BUYING CDs anymore.

And think of this, to deep fans of Albert Ayler or Archie Shepp or even Derek Bailey, The California Guitar Trio could be seen as shoving things where they don't belong. Just for the record, I went to your site and listened and enjoyed it. I see no shoving involved.

In defense of parents supporting their kids music, Hari Bol! I supported my daughter who you will hear about soon. She's a monster writer, charisma to burn, very innovative guitarist, pianist & writer, fabulous looking, incredible vox, one of the 'rare and great ones' the record and booking folks are saying. Twenty years old. I'm so glad I did it! I'm going to tour with her in China, Europe and the UK this summer. I helped produce her record here in my studio.

Why the sour grapes? Our vineyards are overflowing! And we don't want to be Salieri, do we?

I don't think you are. But it's something to look out for.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 22-Mar-07, at 10:44 AM, Paul Richards wrote:

I was wondering when the uncrowned "King of the Looper's Delight" board would respond.
(What could possibly be bad about that?)
Well, I can think of one reason. The world will have to listen someones shit like his (possibly) someday like mostly what exists now in the music world.
Ambition alone is not justification for jamming something up the world's/society's/etc. ass. Adoph Hitler was pretty ambitious.