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Re: The Word is Out! Sell Your EDP's!

On 3/21/07, Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com> wrote:
(I've never known Yahoo to start playing a video on its main page.)
I don't think I said it did, did I, ye of the dry (attempted) wit.

Here's what you said:

"Actually, it was presented on Yahoo's main page when I went to Yahoo. I didn't specifically LOOK for this ham."

Yeah, you don't specifically say that it started playing, however it's certainly implied that it was forced upon you. If it didn't start playing automagically, then you must've actually initiated the playing of the video. How is that "jamming his 'talent' in [your] face"?

Oh, and I'm sorry my post was neither dry enough nor witty enough for you.

Hahaha. I think I remember all the nasty comments about the guy that did the Boss demo of the RC-50.

I didn't read any of that thread, nor did I participate. Maybe I should search the Gmail archives of LD to recalibrate my vitriolometer.

Gimme a fuckin' break.

Ah, now *that's* witty.

As I implied, though. It's just another example of some kid's parents dough that financed his "collection" of gear. I've known plenty of those types. In fact, I still have a couple of their "albums" that I save as a kind of music house of horrors (one from my ex-boss's kid that had to be an example of the worst crap ever promulgated on an unsuspecting public - next to American Idol applicants, of course).

Well, shame on my parents for having a piano in the house. A pox on my grandfather for loaning me his ebony clarinet so I could play an instrument in our junior high school band. A double-shame on my parents for buying me my first electric guitar (a Phantom Strat-copy that eventually had neck problems, so I yanked the frets).

Maybe out of spite, now, but I won't feel guilty for cultivating whatever talent my daughter has for music. She's too young now, but eventually, she'll have access to my collection of instruments, including electric guitars (both fretted and fretless), a Chapman Stick, an EDP, oh and the same piano I grew up with.

Feel free to write her off now.

Oh, incidentally, the blurb off to the side of the video mentions that the kid actually gigs in the NYC area. It's actually possible he paid for some of that gear himself (although without the pressures of making rent or buying food, that doesn't count, right?)

And, just for the record, I'm a looper that doesn't do drone-y stuff (currently). I play mostly typically-structured rock with extended solos. Hence, I have no problem with 'traditional' rock or soul.

Well, good. We can agree on something. It just sounded a bit like a shadow of the Keller Williams thread from a while back.