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loopers-delight recommended reading

Hi there!

Does anybody know, where these books, mentioned in "recommended reading", 
can be found for free download?

"Brian Eno: His Music and the Vertical Color of Sound" - By Eric Tamm.
"Experimental Music (Cage and Beyond)"
"Silence - Lectures and Writings by John Cage" - By John Cage
"John Cage (ex)plain(ed)" - by Richard Kostelanetz.
"Writings About Music" - By Steve Reich
"Stockhausen: Conversations with the Composer"
"Free Play : Improvisation in Life and Art" - by Stephen Nachmanovitch.
"A Guide to Electronic Music" - by Paul Griffiths
"Tape Music Composition" - by David Keane
"Minimalism: Origins" - by Edward Strickland